Opal Abbink
Robert Linman
Harry Alexander
Kathy Mattox
Irving Becker
Patrick and Mary Mayberry
Rob Bender
Robert and Marie McClune
John Betts
Lucyle Merriwether
Richard Blaine
Catherine Mitchell
Amy Boyer
Nadia and Michael Morozowich
Barbara Brigham
Kay and Tom Morton
Larry Brown
David Nelson
Michael Corporal
Leila and Dennis Nelson
Danielle Cherence
Francis and Shelly O’Connell
Nancy Conder
Linda and John Phillips
Mildred Crunkleton
Geraldine Pinkerton
Tom and Molly Duffey
Andrea Purple
John and Joan Geisler
Bill and Jan Raisch
Walter Graver
William Rice
Mark and Debbie Hammond
Lindy and Gregg Russell
Robin Harper
Mackenzie Russell and Jonathan Webb
Brian Healy
Madison Russell and Kyle Smit
William and Marilyn Healy
Steven and Sigrid Schuld
James Paul and Tina Heany
Faith Seiders
Keith Jennins
Ronni B Sillet
Nancy Kelly
Carol Spengler
Rosemary Kimball
Jane and Bill Stetson
Felice LaMarca
Alan Stockstad and Debbie Ellison
Dennis Lauck
Dayle and Denis Thomas
Stan and Bobbi Leavitt
Rachel Thornton
Scott and Lisa Lengel
William Tuthill
James Levesque
Lucille Tyer
Steve and Pat Wilson
Robert Wills
Henrietta Yount

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